Program for the CadeRaid 2015

Program for CadeRaid 2015

Friday July 10th :
1500 – 1800       Arrival at the Hotel
1800                     Opening of the CadeRaid in the Classic Japanese Club house
1900                     Dinner

Saturday July 11th:
0700 – 0745       Breakfast at the Hotel
0800 –                  Departure for Lysebotn
Approx. – 1300  Lunch (At individual Cost)
Approx. – 1700  Arrival at the Hotel
1930                     Dinner in the Classic Japanese Club house

Sunday July 12th:
0700 – 1000       Breakfast at the Hotel
1200 – 1600        Driving in area around Stavanger Includes picnic
1900                     Dinner in the Classic Japanese Club house

Monday July 13th:
0700 –   1000      Breakfast at the Hotel
Leaving Sandnes – See you in Luxembourg 2016 :-)

NB! It MAY be a change of day for the trip to Lysebotn. We need to consider the weather report. (That means that we will have a local trip on Saturday and drives to Lysebotn at Sunday.)